About Us

In 2001 there was a successful merger between two leagues, which were "Elliott Davis Cricket League" and "All London Cricket League". Both leagues agreed to play under the one flag, which is known, as 
The main objectives of the League are as follows:
  • To organise the league and cup competition
  • To improve discipline among all players at all times
  • To assist member clubs to coordinate their Cricket activities.
  • To promote the game of Cricket according to it's best traditions
  • To set standards and requirements for Umpires.
  • To promote the support of player's friends and family in every game.
  • To assist clubs in acquiring necessary facilities from local boroughs to improve the playing environment at every venue.


Western Union, an internationally recognised money transfer company honoured the newly merged league with their sponsorship. Prior to the merger, Elliott Davis Cricket league was predominantly made up of cricket teams from East, Northwest and West London. Most of the teams playing in All London Cricket League were based in Southeast and Southwest London. Organisers of these two leagues saw a golden opportunity to run a London wide cricket league with a stroke of this merger. In 2002 there were 22 teams, which were split into two divisions. Champions Division consisted of 14 teams whereas Super Division consisted of 8 teams. The cup is a knockout competition, which was held across both divisions, hence 22 teams playing in one competition. Following the success of the league in 2002, organisers had received new applications by London based cricket clubs to join the league. 5 new applications were accepted which replaced some of last years teams so the league then decided to limit the number of participating teams to 24. The 24 teams were divided into 3 divisions which each consist of 8 teams.
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