Constitution - Elliott Davis London Cricket League

1. Title

Competition now known, as "Elliott Davis London Cricket League" hereafter shall be called "The League" and "Elliott Davis London Cricket Cup" shall be called "The Knockout Cup".

2. The Purpose &The Objective

The purpose of the league shall be to organize cricket on a league basis, with the objective of playing cricket in the true spirit of the game and to maintain it at a standard to which all members are normally accustomed. To organise a knockout cup competition in addition to the league competition. To take any actions which may be considered beneficial to member clubs and to the game of cricket.

3. Composition

League shall be organised into three divisions known as Premier Division, Division-1, Division-2 Cup-Competition shall be played on knockout basis across all the divisions In colour kits,white Ball.
Twenty 20 Tournament will be Played across all division in colour kits, white Ball.

4. Membership

Membership to the league would be strictly by invitation only. Once a club has been invited to participate and the club has agreed to so, annual subscription fee will become payable within 14 days.

5. Management Committee

The League Shall be governed by the management committee (thereafter called "the committee") consisting of:

a) Chairperson
c) General Secretary
e) Head Of Umpire
f)  Fixture Secretary

All members of the committee must declare any positions they may hold on committee of other leagues.

6. Functions Of The Management Committee

a) The committee shall be fully responsible for ensuring that the purpose and spirit of the league is upheld and it shall be empowered to take any action it considers fit to achieve this

b) The committee shall be empowered to vet new clubs and make recommendations to the Annual General Meeting concerning new entries.

c) The committee shall have the power to co-opt new members on the committee for special purposes which it sees fit.

d) Minutes of all committee meetings shall be kept in a file provided for the purpose and duly approved by the committee.

e) The committee shall be the authority to correct the interpretation to enforce these rules and shall have full jurisdiction over all matters not provided for in these rules.

f) Absence from two consecutive meetings of any member without reasonable cause being stated may invalidate his/her seat. The committee shall have full discretion in such matters.

g) In the event of an office becoming vacant or vacancies occurring on the committee, the committee shall have the power to fill such a vacancy without unnecessary delay.

h) No member of the committee shall be present at any meeting thereof during the determination of any matter which his/her club is directly concerned, except at the invitation of the committee.

i) The quorum shall be one third of the elected members of the committee.

j) The committee shall be responsible for the efficient running of the league and control its finances.

7. General Meeting

The annual general meeting of the league shall be held in January/February of each year on a date fixed by the committee,

a) Each member club shall be titled to send two delegates, only one of whom shall be entitled to vote upon resolutions submitted.

b) A quorum at all general meetings shall be 33% of the registered clubs.

c) The printed annual report shall be presented at this meeting. The members for the new committee shall be elected. All newly elected committee members will hold their position till next AGM. In a separate meeting, the members will appoint officers among themselves for the management committee for year ahead. They shall be eligible for re-election.

d) The support of a simple majority of those voting shall be necessary to carry a resolution at the AGM, and of two thirds majority of those at an extraordinary general meeting. The officers of the league shall be untitled to vote. In the event of a tie vote, the chairperson (or deputy) who normally does not have a vote shall have a casting vote.

e) The voting on all resolutions shall be taken by a show of hands but if the voting is challenged or is regarded by the chairperson as unsatisfactory, he shall make an order for a card vote to be taken.

f) An extraordinary general meeting may be convened at the discretion of the committee or shall be convened at the request of not less than 5 member clubs who shall send their applications of the resolutions to be submitted to the meeting. Such extraordinary general meeting shall be held not later than 1 calendar month after the receipt of the application.

g) Notice of the general meetings and its agenda shall be sent to all member clubs at least seven days before the date of the meeting.

h) The chairperson of the league shall take the chair of the meeting; in the event of his absent, the vice-chairperson of the league shall take his position.

i) Minutes of all general meetings shall be kept in a file provided the purpose.

8. Annual Subscriptions

a) The subscription fee shall be determined at the AGM.

b) All subscriptions become due on the AGM day and must be paid within14 days from AGM.

c) Any club whose subscriptions remains unpaid by any given date may be excluded from fixtures for the coming season. Official written warning to this effect shall be given to the club prior to exclusion.

d) A club excluded form the league membership under section (c) shall be not readmitted until full payment of all arrears is made.

9. Annual Accounts

An account shall be kept in the name of " Elliot Davis London Cricket League" at a bank approved by the committee, in which the treasurer or other officers shall pay all moneys received on behalf of the league. The committee shall authorise the treasurer, chairperson and vice-chairperson to sign cheques for payment, the treasurer shall keep the account of the league. An auditor shall be advised to audit such accounts should the majority of the committee feels the need to do so. For the purpose of annual audit the accounts shall be closed on last day of the month in which prizes and awards' presentation ceremony be held.

10. Disputes & Disagreements

All objections against a club player or umpire shall be in writing and forwarded to the league general secretary within seven days of the match to which the objection is referred to.

In the case of objections or complaints by clubs, it is absolutely essential that a duplicate copy of the letter forwarded to league secretary is also forwarded to the secretary of the opposing club within seven days of the match to which the objection or complaint refers to.

a) With regard to disciplinary issues i.e. verbal abuse, intimidation or violence; all objections or complaints shall be referred to the committee. The committee shall make all efforts to take appropriate action as quickly as possible in accordance with league disciplinary rules. Their decision shall be final. Chairman has the casting vote.

b) With regard to any other matter not concerning disciplinary issues i.e. late start; interpretation of the laws of cricket, facilities etc. the league committee shall be empowered to fully deal with the matter and shall have the power to deduct maximum of five points for any incident.

c) No objection or complaint with regard to the decision of an umpire, except with regard to wrongful interpretation of the laws of cricket shall be considered.

11. Publication Of Committee Decisions

Decisions or reports of the committee may only be published in such manner as the committee shall direct and every member club shall be deemed to have assented to such publications.

12. Entry Into Withdrawal From The League

a) Entry into the league shall be by invitation followed by the application to the secretary of the league. Decisions regarding acceptance into the league shall be dealt with in accordance to rule 4.

b) Any withdrawal from the league must be in writing and must reach the secretary not later than 28 days prior to start of the season to reclaim the fee paid for the year ahead. No refund of the fee is given after the fixtures are decided.

c) In the event of a team being unable to fill at least half of its fixtures during the season, its record shall be erased.

d) A new club shall pay the annual subscription within 14 days after the invitation to join the league

13. Expulsion From Membership

The committee shall have the power to expel any club from the membership that has contravened these rules or in the opinion of the committee otherwise brought discredit upon the league except that no club shall be expelled without having the opportunity of sending representatives to state a case before the committee.

14. Knowledge Of Rules

The rules of the league shall be deemed to be known to the officers of all member clubs and through them to all members who shall be bound by them.

15. Alterations Of Rules

No alterations of these rules shall be made except at the Annual general meeting or at an emergency meeting summoned for the purpose. In the former instance notice in writing of any proposed alterations that must be proposed by the committee shall be given not later than date of AGM to the secretary of the league who shall circulate details of the proposals on the agenda when convening the meeting.

16. Dissolution

The league may be dissolved by a resolution of a general meeting the conditions of voting in rule 7 being applicable. In the event of dissolution any surplus funds held in credit of the league shall be used to pay off the league debts (if any) or outstanding expenditure claims. Should there be insufficient funds at the time of dissolution to meet the liabilities the member clubs in such proportions as the general meeting dissolving the league shall determine how to meet the deficit.

17. Trophies & Cash Prizes

Winning and runner-up clubs will be presented with retainable trophies. Trophies / medals will be presented to each of the winning clubs. The bats men scoring 150 runs or the bowlers taking six (6) wickets in a match will receive higher recognition with special trophies. These individuals awards will be given for both league and cup games. An individual will be limited to one award for batting and bowling respectively.

The league shall offers no cash prices to the winners, runners up and to the individuals with outstanding performances. The cash awards have been abolished since 2014.

18. Club Secretaries

Each member shall notify the league secretary of the name and address of their respective club secretary within fourteen days changes being made.

19. Public Liability

All member clubs should be insured for public liability.

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