All Players, Umpires and Club Officials should read the revised LAWS 2017. There have been some significant changes made by the MCC as the to way we all play the game, and these come into force on October 1st. Please click on the RULES tab on this website, then click LAWS and follow the links I have posted. I have also tried to give a basic summary of the key changes, including the new Law 42: Players' Conduct, which for the first time ever gives Umpires the power to impose sanctions on players for poor behaviour during play, including sending players off, awarding the game to the non-offending team, or abandoning the game altogether. Of course, the MCC intends that these sanctions should just be deterrents, and no-one wishes to use these powers, but it is important that we all are aware of the implications. Players quite often use harmeless banter on the field (and that is part of the game) but "crossing the line" into dissent and threatening behaviour will now not be tolerated by Umpires and will be dealt with by the new Sanctions (rather than reporting the matter to the League). However, all Levels of offence will still require Umpires to send a Report into the League, so that the Committee can decide if further action is required.

If you have any questions about the New Laws please email me on and I will attempt to answer your questions.


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