The Chairman, Mr Salim Yasin, and all the Commitee welcome you all to this new season, just a few weeks away. This will be the 29th Season of the Elliott Davis London Cricket League, and it promises to be highly competitive and with the anticipation of some great cricket. As you will all know the New Laws are now in force and all Clubs, Players and Umpires will need to be aware of the many changes. The best way to learn the new Laws is to get a copy of the LAWS OF CRICKET 2017 Code (the blue book) from the MCC Shop, Lord's Cricket Ground, London NW8 8QN. Phone 020 7616 8570. A Summary of the changes can be seen online at

Players and Umpires, especially, need to be aware of the new Law 42 Player's Conduct, as now (for the first time) players may be suspended or excluded for the game for instances of serious misconduct on the field. The Penalty Runs punishment is now more extensive, and there are now more mandatory occasions when an Official Report must be sent to The League, which may of course result in additional sanctions from The League Committee.

We all hope, of course, than none of this will happen during our games. So play the game in a good spirit, be competitive and remember to respect fellow players and Umpires. That way, we will all enjoy our great game! Best of Luck to you all in the coming season.


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