CHAMPIONS DIVISION - Starts this coming Sunday

The first weekend of matches in the new enlarged Champions Division starts this coming Sunday - 22nd April. We wish all Teams the very Best of Luck for this coming season.

Teams are reminded to arrive at the grounds in good time. The toss takes place at 12.45pm and at least 9 players must be present. The Captain must be in full playing attire.

Umpires will expect to see a Team Sheet of registered players, with photos. This can be downloaded from the Team web page. Payment to the Umpire(s) must be made AT THE TOSS.

So enjoy your cricket - and remember the New Laws are in force from this Season, so don't be surprised if a few things are different during the course of play. You are reminded that Clubs should have a copy of the Laws of Cricket (the Blue Book), in case any questions arise. Umpires are there to ensure fair play to both sides, and to ensure the Laws are followed, and the League Rules are adhered to.

Author: ALAN BARKER (Senior Umpire)

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Ali 17-04-2018 01:35
All the best every one

ALAN see you on Sunday take care

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